Practice Areas

Corporate Defense

Corporations and other business entities frequently require legal representation, not only for creating valid contracts, mergers and other business activities, but also when they face legal challenges that require the services of Texas Corporate Defense Lawyers. In the state of Texas, many Galveston area corporations rely on legal services provided by Attorney Jared S. Robinson, who has in-depth experience in business law and corporate defense. Read More

Criminal Defense

Jared S. Robinson, Attorney at Law, P.C., offers criminal defense clients the strong combination of a strong legal education and dedication to help his clients, along with his in-depth knowledge of Texas laws and court systems. Defendants in Texas criminal defense cases need the hard-working and aggressive approach to defense Jared gives to every case, and his experience and courtroom skills to go up against charges that could easily restrict or take away their freedom. Read More

Military Justice

The Military Justice system is unique and requires legal representation. Attorney Jared S. Robinson is well versed in all stages of this system, and he is able to provide you with the experienced legal representation you need when you are caught up in this process. Read More

Personal Injury

Get the guidance and legal expertise needed if you are on either side of a personal injury case. For plaintiffs who have been injured, Jared S. Robinson, Attorney at Law, P.C., brings to the negotiation table or courtroom a background of hard work and dedication to clients. Defendants in personal injury cases need his help to lodge an aggressive defense against charges that could restrict or take away freedom. Read More