Corporate Defense

Corporations and other business entities frequently require legal representation, not only for creating valid contracts, mergers and other business activities, but also when they face legal challenges that require the services of Texas Corporate Defense Lawyers. In the state of Texas, many Galveston area corporations rely on legal services provided by Attorney Jared S. Robinson, who has in-depth experience in business law and corporate defense.

Attorney Jared S. Robinson

Knowing what to do when there is legal trouble on the business horizon is one main reason corporate business owners and managers call upon Attorney Jared S. Robinson. His knowledge of Texas business law is based upon experience and many years of successful defense of corporations and other businesses across the state and in the Greater Houston Metro Area, including Galveston, Brazoria, and Harris Counties.

Texas Corporate Defense Lawyer

The main job of a Texas Corporate Defense Lawyer is to create and oversee business transactions to ensure they are within the law as it applies to those businesses. Attorney Jared S. Robinson is an excellent negotiator who focuses on winning what his clients want. He understands how to use negotiations to get results his clients want. He drafts valid contracts and has in-depth knowledge of special areas of business law, including:

  • Securities and Tax Laws
  • Code compliance
  • Bankruptcy
  • Intellectual property
  • Financial reporting
  • Facilitate mergers
  • Corporate criminal defense

Experience Counts in Business and in Court

Representing and defending corporate clients is second nature to Attorney Jared S. Robinson. He is a former Chief Felony Prosecutor and thoroughly understands how Texas courts at all levels function. He wants to put his expertise and knowledge of Texas business laws to work for your company in all areas of corporate defense and business law. He is comfortable working with lawyers from other companies to broker deals that will withstand legal challenges and that are in the best interests of the businesses he represents.

Contact the offices of Jared S. Robinson, Attorney at Law, P.C., in Galveston, Texas, for legal counsel of the highest quality from a lawyer who enjoys working hard and overcoming challenges for his clients. Call (409) 200-2412 now, and arrange your consultation with Jared S. Robinson, the skilled Texas Corporate Defense Lawyer you want representing your business.