Military Justice

The Military Justice system is unique and requires legal representation. Attorney Jared S. Robinson is well versed in all stages of this system, and he is able to provide you with the experienced legal representation you need when you are caught up in this process.

Attorney Jared S. Robinson

At his law firm based in Galveston, TX, Attorney Jared S. Robinson focuses on criminal law and defense. He represents clients who are in need of criminal, military or corporate defense, as well as those involved in personal injury cases. His work experience as a former Chief Felony Prosecutor, and current position with the Louisiana Army National Guard as Senior Defense Attorney, places him well above the competition when it comes to knowledge of the general and military justice systems.

Texas Military Justice Lawyer

The benefits of having a Texas Military Justice Lawyer on your side when you need one are myriad. You put the depth of knowledge and experience with military justice systems on your side, and are best prepared to wage a defense argument. The lawyer with the background you need to lodge your military justice defense is Jared S. Robinson, Attorney at Law. He can help you with every stage of the process, including:

  • General Courts-Martial
  • Special Courts-Martial
  • Summary Courts-Martial
  • Non-Judicial Punishment (Article 15s)
  • Administrative Separation Board Proceedings

You Want a Winning Verdict

As your defense lawyer, Jared S. Robinson will put all his legal knowledge, experience and expertise to work hard to get you the best outcome. His primary legal defense goal is to win cases for his clients. That is the only attitude you want to see when you are facing military justice and possible loss of freedom. He believes that every person deserves a fighting chance, people make mistakes, and he is willing to put in the hard and aggressive defense work necessary to get that winning verdict.

You can rest easy when you put Texas Military Justice Lawyer Jared S. Robinson on your side, knowing your case is in the hands of an experienced military justice defender who has the expertise, knowledge and determination to give you excellent legal representation for your specialized need. Call his Galveston, TX, law office now for an initial consultation about your case. Contact Jared S. Robinson, Attorney at Law, P.C., at (409) 200-2412.