Personal Injury

Get the guidance and legal expertise needed if you are on either side of a personal injury case. For plaintiffs who have been injured, Jared S. Robinson, Attorney at Law, P.C., brings to the negotiation table or courtroom a background of hard work and dedication to clients. Defendants in personal injury cases need his help to lodge an aggressive defense against charges that could restrict or take away freedom.

Attorney Jared S. Robinson

If you have been injured in a Texas accident, call upon Attorney Jared S. Robinson to stand up for your rights to obtain fair compensation. He can also help preserve your freedom if you are charged with causing an injury accident. Negligent behavior causes accidental injuries every day in Texas. The results of such accidents are high medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation or therapy costs and sometimes disability or death of the victim. If you need legal representation for any type of personal injury claim or defense because you were the cause of such an accident, the man to depend on is Attorney Jared S. Robinson.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury accident claims generally are settled prior to court appearances because juries tend to award very high damages to plaintiffs and it takes a long time to process these claims. If you need a strong courtroom advocate to pursue your personal injury claims, you need an experienced Texas Personal Injury Lawyer on your side. Galveston Attorney Jared S. Robinson, Esq. understands the Texas courts because he was a former Chief Felony Prosecutor, and he practices before all County and District Courts in Texas and before the U.S. Federal Court, Southern District of Texas.

Get Experienced Defense

Texas Attorney Jared S. Robinson knows how to help defend clients against unreasonable punishment for personal injury accidents they are accused of causing. There are many variables in every case; Jared knows from experience how to best lodge an aggressive defense case for clients who need that type of legal representation. A felony conviction can mean jail time, high fees and other punitive actions from a courtroom jury judgment. Get experienced legal representation before you go before any judge or jury on a criminal charge.

Recover Fair Compensation

Personal injury from accidents, wrongful termination, discrimination, and other actions that involve negligent behavior cause victims extreme costs for medical care and recovery, lost wages and possible disability or death. These are cases Jared S. Robinson handles with care and diligence. He works closely with clients and has a singular goal of win, win, win.

For personal injury legal representation, contact Jared at his Galveston, TX, law office by calling (409) 200-2412.